Monday, January 14, 2008

If Al Gore Is Wrong, I Don't Want To Be Right

My production chain has really broken down lately, hasn't it? The vast production - mostly involving mythical pixies whom I've bribed into typing my thoughts for me - which results in piping hot content for this blog, I mean. It's failed, utterly and miserably. Sorry.

Checking the site's stats, amazingly, I seem to have avoided driving all of my readership off with yet another unexplained absence. Apparently, I have conditioned my small yet loyal set of followers to expect that I am utterly unreliable. And, no doubt, shifty and lazy, as well. I am inordinately proud of this accomplishment.

In my defense, I've been sick. Really sick. Not sure if it's down to the recent warm snap around these parts. There were days last week when the mercury climbed above 60. Which is pretty freaking unusual and I used it as an opportunity to take down my meager holiday decorations. After that, though, it was days spent roiling in bed in squishy, sweaty pain and fitful nights spent in fevered half-dreamings. Hasn't been pleasant, in other words. And while it wasn't enough to stop me from heading to work and school and some other responsibilities, it put sitting at a keyboard and trying to collect my thoughts on a blurry screen far out of my mind.

So, not dead. Just resting and recovering.

Should be better now, should be able to get back on track. Although I can't say we'll be returning to your regularly scheduled blogging. Instead, I think it's time to unveil my Plan going forward. The one I've been hinting around at for [weeks now.

In short, while I like this whole blogging thing, I've been reconsidering how I go about it. I've been doing it for over a year now, after all, and I think it's time to start getting smarter instead of simply working harder to get through my problems. Plus, a lot of other things are sucking up my attention so, basically, I'm going to be cutting back. A few less days of dozens of posts. But a few more with at least one detailed, hopefully thoughtful, post. Like the ones that I travel to other blogs to read, the kind that I remember long after I've walked away from the browser. The kind that I'm, you know, ever so slightly proud of having written. The kind I used to write more of. But which I seem to have abandoned in favor of throwing a lot at the wall to see what sticks.

So, that's the plan, in detail. At least one good post a day. Maybe the occasional day - like today (I've got something of a backlog of posts that I'd like to have made in the past week or so to work through, after all) - when I'll go off. The weekends will probably be see me go quieter if not absent altogether. I could string out a bunch of (long winded, rambling) posts about the why and the how of it but, well, that's not how I'm rolling at the moment.

Won't last forever because, hey, nothing does. But it might not last long, either. We'll see how it goes. Because, after all, in the end that's all we can do.

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