Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wolverines Blogging: Game Two Aftermath


As in "ugly win." That game was painful to watch.

Although the running game managed to get on track this time around, the offense still hasn't fired on all cylinders. Threet pretty much threw away the starter's job with those lame duck passes. And the dirty little secret of this season so far is that the line has been underperforming to say the least. That's not going to improve any with left tackle Ortmann going out with an injury.

Again, it was a close game that the Wolverines could easily have lost if their opponent hadn't shot themselves in the foot. The RedHawks had several chances deep in Michigan's zone but couldn't get it done while UofM was struggling to move the ball before pulling away late. This time they won but it was a lot closer than tit should have been.

Especially because they were playing MIAMI OF FREAKING OHIO!

Sorry to get the Big Ten elitist flag out and all but there's a reason why Michigan hasn't lost to a MAC team since, roughly, Gerald Ford was still playing.

What happens next week when they roll into South Bend? Actually, maybe not so much different than this week given the difficulties the Irish seem to have had with lowly San Diego State - the only IA team to lose to a I-AA opponent so far and Cal Polytechnic isn't exactly Appy State, you know?

But the way they've been playing, they're not going to beat even a halfway decent team. Forget the OSUs and Wisconsins of the world, I'm worried that Michigan is going tits up against the MSUs...

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