Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kongai: Another Update

The game's gotten another uplift with patch 1.6. Not only is there a laundry list of balance changes that are gong to leave me starring at my card list and weeping as I try to iron out all the kinks there've been still more improvements to the underlying game.

The graphical updates to the original cards has been extended to the items and they're looking nice. Tool-tips have been added to deck construction. The single-player Practice mode is now 3-Card instead of 5. The "Earn Cards" button actually does something now (Nothing, you know, good. It just takes you to a page explaining as smuggly as possible how to get more cards.). Even the mystery of your win/loss record has been resolved by helpfully putting it up on the main menu (Before you'd have to ask someone or have expanded a match before you entered to know how you were doing.). Supposedly there are some latency issues that have been solved and some solutions for slowness that have been implemented along with a lot of bug fixes - I wouldn't know since I haven't had time to play yet. But I really should find the time because the biggest change is the advent of the rating system. Now, every time you fight your skill ranking is on the line and it'll go up and down according to an unknown ELO-esque system. Basically, beat better players and you'll rise beat up on a bunch of scrubs and you'll marginally improve, if at all - what I don't know are things like the k value and the exact formula that determines it all.

All in all, the game is much better today than it was...uh, yesterday, I guess.

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